Don’t sleep on this deal – Irish Spring, Softsoap, and (maybe) Johnson’s & Johnson’s!

This week (4/2-4/8) I’m making a few trips to both Walgreen’s AND Rite Aid. Super easy deals that will add to your stockpile for CHEAP!


Softsoap & Irish Spring are buy 2 get 5,000 points ($5). You can do it multiple times in one transaction. One of my favorite Instagram couponers, ikillu4coupons (no worries – he’s so sweet!) posted this AWESOME breakdown AND in this scenario, you can SPEND points and EARN them at the same time…sooo….

Buy 8 Irish Spring (body wash or bar soap) @ $3.99 each
(Use 4 $1 MQ’s & $ 4 $1 IP’s)
Buy 4 Softsoap body wash @ $3.99 each
(Use 4 .75 MQ’s)
Buy 4 Softsoap Hand soap @ 3.99 each
(Use 4 .75 MQ’s)
Pay:$50 in POINTS
Earn $50 in points
Net Cost: $0!!!

Rite Aid
Rite Aid has a great deal on Irish Spring this week as well.
Buy 1 Irish Spring for $3.99
(use $1 MQ & $2 SQ out of flyer)
Pay: .99/each!

Also there is an awesome baby deal. The coupon is TRICKY because it tends to credit as $0.00, so watch it carefully. Most clerks will adjust it for you after calling the manager, so just kind of be prepared. This is the most important factor Scan your Plenti card after your items AND the coupons!!

Buy 6 Johnson & Johnson Baby Care Items (look for the tags) @ $6.99, B1G1 50%off
Use 3 BOGO Johnson & Johnson Coupons
Pay: $10.48
Earn $10 in Plenti Points
(spend $30, get $10)
Net Cost: $0.48 for all 6 items!

(Keep in mind this is a totally Your Mileage May Vary thing – it all depends on cashier & management. It really helps to work up a good rapport with the staff!)

Side note: I’m ridiculously happy that the J&J deal worked for me, at least once. I have my own personal spending threshold per item and when I tried to use the BOGO coupons at Target when they had the gift card deal going, it auto-adjusted my coupons to where it basically paid for the gift card. Spent 2-3x per item and it bummed me out. This deal will go in the “bucket” to off set that deal gone wrong.


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