Rebate Apps!

I use these apps every time I shop. Everyday things you would buy – you can get rebates. Sometimes, its a little, sometimes its a lot. Every little bit helps! All of the apps operate the same way; buy an item, scan barcode, & upload receipt. Each one has it’s own little quirks. I listed them in order of ease of use.

Savings Star
Savingstar is my favorite of all time. Link your store loyalty cards, and Savingstar will credit your rebate automatically.In stores that don’t link cards (Walgreen’s, Walmart) you will still have to receipt upload. Some stores clear in 2 days, some take 2-3 weeks. New offers released Sunday, and sometimes randomly throughout the week. You have to unlock the offers in order to be eligible for the rebate.

Ibotta can utilize some of the store loyalty cards, but you have to still scan the barcode & tell the app which store you made the purchase in so it can download your history. You can also receipt upload. My favorite part of this app is that when you upload a Walmart receipt, you simply scan the QR code. In this instance, the rebate is processed within hours, in most cases. You have to unlock the offer, often by watching a short commercial or taking a poll.

Checkout51 doesn’t have as many offers, but the advantage here is that you aren’t limited to just one claim. You can claim over and over until the app reaches the limit. Receipt upload in from all stores.


Once you have accrued $20 in rebates, you are eligible for cash out. There are many options, including direct deposit, Paypal, and various gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, and several other companies.



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