Basic Coupon Lingo

Learning the new terms can be difficult. There are so, so many to learn. I like to keep it as simple as possible.

BOGO – Buy One, Get One Free

Catalina – Coupons that print off at the end of a transaction

Double Dip (DD) – Overlap of 2 promotions, such as a BOGO & RR, BR, ECB, PP, etc

GC – Gift Card

WYS/WYB – When You Spend,When You Buy – this is often used for deal when you must purchase a certain amount of product(s) to receive an amount back. For example, you must spend $30 on Proctor & Gamble items (don’t worry, we will cover this), and you get $10  back. It would look like this $10WYS$30 or $10WYB$30.

Q – Coupon; there are several types of coupons, including:

MQ – Manufacturer Coupon. These are generally found in Sunday Papers & attached to products. They are the most common. (Funded by the manufacturer)

Blinkie – Coupons that come out of the small black machines with the red blinking light;  found in the store. They are being phased out, as there have been many incidents of theft of these coupons.

Peelie – Coupons located on the products. You have to peel them off, hence the name. Theft of these coupons has increased, as well.

Foils – Coupons usually sent from the manufacturer directly to the customer’s home. They are often high amounts ($5+) and have reflective foil strips to prevent fraud.

Tear Pads – Exactly as it sounds. A tear pad of coupons, usually attached to the display.

Hang Tags – similar to peelies, usually found hanging on a product.                         

SQ – Store Coupon. These are valid only at the store that issued them. (Funded by the store)

RAQ – Rite Aid Coupon, usually found on your receipt or in the sales paper itself.

TQ – Target Coupon

IVC – Instant Value Coupon, Valid at Walgreen’s. Usually found in the Monthly Coupon book at the front of the store.

Redbox/CVSQ – Print at the red kiosk located in the store, or attached to card via the CVS app.

MIR – Mail In Rebate

NLA – No longer available; Internet coupons (IP) are only available for a specifc amount of time or number of prints. When that point is met, the coupon “disappears”, meaning you cannot print it at that time.

OOP – Out Of Pocket; what you will pay at the register

OYNO – On Your Next Order, Usually a CAT that you can use on your next order.

PM – Price Match; where one store honors the sale price of another store.

RC – Rain Check, When the store is out, the Rain Check will allow you to have the sale price/promotion at a later date when it is in stock. These are very valuable!

Rolling – Using rewards from one order to pay for the second.

YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary; a deal that some stores may honor, some may not. Indicated that not all customers will have the same end result.


Store Specific Loyalty Programs

ECB’s = ExtraCare Bucks (CVS) print on the end of your receipt. The register will make a beep, indicating ECB’s are printing. Date of expiration: Approx 2 weeks

PP =Plenti Points (Rite Aid) Points that accrue to your card. Good for 2 years!

RR  = Walgreen’s (Commonly abbreviated as “WAGS”) These print as Catalina’s. Date of expiration:Approx 1-2 weeks.

Balance Rewards (BR) = Points that accrue to your card (Walgreen’s/WAGS) Date of expiration: 3 years, provided there is card activity every 6 months.


Coupon Insert Terms

RP – Red Plum

SS – Smart Source

P&G/PG – Proctor & Gamble (Comes out once a month, some have a 2 week life span, All expire at the end of the month.

IP – Internet printable


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